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jose jorge (ulfe)
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sr representative Married 2 1964 2013-04-15 12:42:34
After i left with Oresstes to New York in a 1953 Chevy I work in Patterson New Jersey for a couple of years and married Miriam for 39 yrs We had 2 boys one is 45 and the other 43 They gave  us  2 grandsons and two granddauthers. I  lost Miriam she died in 2005 and I remarried Soraya. God has been good to me. I have 2 geat ladirs in my life.   I have never going back to Helena and getting e-mais from you all I cant wait to see you all And hug everyone there My brothers and Sisters left behind but never forgotten!!!!        God willin  we will see everybody in June 2013 Jorge and Soraya Ulfe
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Damaso V+Santana
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Television Programming Distribution Married 3 1967 2013-05-20 16:47:17
I was probably among the first three to post in here, what I did post was an abbreviated version of my life, I will attempt to do a better job, just got back from another trip and should be home for a while.
When our Grandparents arrived in New York, Freddy and I left Brondel Hall, we were the last ones to do so.
We went to work and I remember I worked for a while as an elevator operator at Rockefeller Center while finishing high school. A relative of ours worked at Rockefeller and was wired, he introduced me to Louie, a very short Italian who was the "union" man, Louie got me a gig on the ancient version of a lift, this one had a gate yopu had to pull and worked with levers. All other elevators at Rock were pushed button, why this old contraption you may ask! Simply because that old lift was used from Wednesday to Saturday and it went straight to the famous Rainbow Room, also known as Top of the Rock.
The deal was I worked the night shift, many old men with sweet young things went up that lift, very rich old men. The deal as Louie taught me was to smile and be nice going up however, the coming down, ah, the coming down was the meaning behind the Lever, you see if you hit the lever all the way down the g forces came into play, after wining and dining the young things it would be very bad form to give up the contents of your stomach, immediately they would reach into their pockets and say something like "Young man can you slow this thing down" whereas I would again deliover my pearly whites and say "I will try" by this time their hands already deep into their pockets would come out loaded with cash.
Many a nights Louie would go home with $ 500 to $ 600 which was exactly his half of the deal in exchange for my shift, I still miss that elevator and actually went back there as an adult but the damned thing was roped off, my intention was to warn the young operator of "been there, done that"
Of course I also did something like that at the Casino in Monte Carlo, I stood in the same French doors which opened to the terraces facing the Mediterranean and as a waiter approached I put my hand into my suit jacket and said "Bond, James Bond" I will never forget the look on his face.
Freddy and I both served in the US Army, both as MP's (That is where the term Double Trouble was coined and there is an Army Times pictures which proves it!)
We are damned proud to have served during the Vietnam War Era in South Korea; our new country needed us and we said "we've got your back"
I have been involved in Broadcast Television most, if not, all of my adult life, Advertising and running Television Stations sales was my passion, then I went and got into the Television Programming Sales and Distribution which I still do up to today, I have traveled the world many times over, In 2007 I started my own business, had I not found this career, I would have been a Mercenary...
I have been married since 1983 to my beautiful wife Sylvia, we have 3 kids, two boys and a girl, my oldest boy is 40 and the father of two (how is that possible if married only 30 years? simple, I had them prefabricated to certain specs and age...)
Life has been a great adventure, I am proud to be Cuban and Damned proud to be an American.
As I remember our days in Helena, I remember the love and care but what I treasure the most is that  love of Country, Love of Family and a solid Moral Conviction were the greatest treasures our parents drilled into us, that same Love was reborn in Helena Montana and further ingrained into our souls, it is our sacred duty to preserve our Convictions and Beliefs. As Cuban kids we already bore witness to the destruction of a country, I for one, will not be the silent witness to the destruction of this,my other love, my country. 
I took an oath and it is for life.
I am not a political animal, nor Politically Correct, that is the Opium of the Masses.
These 51 years, the strength of our parents and the strength of our Helena parents obligates me to express my thoughts, to do otherwise would be to be ungrateful, to be disrespectful, it would mean to betray what they and I hold sacred.
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emilio valle
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Retired/Controller Married 3 1964 2013-05-12 15:58:21
I graduated from Cathedral High in 1964. Completed one year at Carroll College and it was time for my parents (Emilio & Carmen) and me to move west to the Los Angeles area, California.
I graduated in 1968 from Long Beach University, in California. One week later I was hitched (married) to Lucy Arco. She is also a Pedro Pan (Florida City 1962). Although we have 3 kids she always had to take care of 4. I was the youngest of the 4. Yvonne is our first one, she is married to Tomas and they have two daughters. In the last 4 years they have lived in the San Francisco area. Our second is Carlos; he is married to June and they have a boy and a girl. They live a few miles from us. Our last one is Michael; he is part of the boomerang generation. I guess home is still too comfortable, so he is not yet married
I worked for half a dozen Companies in the financial area. I had a few assignments outside the Southern California area: 5 years in Madrid, Spain, 2 years in Pittsburgh, PA, 6 month in Barcelona, Spain and it was back to California.
My parents moved from California to Spain in 1979. After my daughter wedding in 1994, as they had done many times before, on the way back to Spain they visited my (our) brother and sister; Anita and Mario Toca. My father passed away in Florida in the arms of my mother, brother and sister. He had a good live and a peaceful death. My mother at 96 continues to be very active and she is still living by herself in Spain. She still remembers many of you by name.
Although it has been 50 years since we last talked to some of you, you are part of me and by extension my family. My wife and kids are very familiar with all of the incredible stories and with almost all the brothers and sisters from Helena.
They grew up hearing the stories, not only from me, but from many of you when they met you.
I truly believe that my family has been enriched by all those stories. I can't wait to hear them again, again and again. I am sure that they will be even better and bigger. But who cares, after all it is our Live!
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Anita Buswell (Warnken)
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retired Widowed 2 1968 2013-05-22 09:43:30
Wow, long-ago fond memories brought to the forefront.  Emilio Valle found me through my brother who still lives in Helena.  I was a Spanish major and knew a few of the Pedro Pans.  I had a great deal of respect for your perseverance then and even more so now after reading the biographies on the reunion web page.  After graduation, I had signed a contract to teach in Denver, Co.  Turns out they mass hire and just before school was to start they told me there were no openings for a Spanish teacher--just jr. high math or a perpetual substitute.  Needless to say, I  declined.  I ended up in the little town of Superior, MT (an hour west of Missoula) which was very lucky for me because there I met my husband, Dwight, who was a logger.  I taught about a year and then we had two kids, Jim (a teacher and bow hunter) and Wendy (a mother and horse freak).  Dwight bought a dozer and did logging for awhile.  After they killed logging, he ran a dozer at a gold mine until they killed that.  We both shared a love of horses and raised the kids on them.  Me, I taught occasionally but mostly just became a "jack of all trades" (like most housewives)--except that after the kids were grown I'd take off by myself to visit southern Mexico while Dwight stayed home to work to pay for my goofing off.  In 2003 we headed to Yuma AZ where I managed a small medical clinic (they hired me for my Spanish I guess) and Dwight went to work at the Marine Corps Air Station base here.  Sadly, Dwight passed away in March 2011 following his second heart surgery to repair a defective valve he was born with.  I live on 1 1/2 acres just outside of Yuma in an area with huge old cottonwood trees (like the ones where I grew up in Helena) and spend my summers in Montana pestering kids, grandkids and other family.  I'm looking forward to seeing those of you I knew and some of you that I didn't.
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