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Tony Marti
Priest Widowed 1 1966 2013-05-12 23:09:29
From Tony Marti
After graduating from Carroll in 1966, I moved to Los Angeles and after three months was drafted by the Army. I spent two years in Texas and most of the time working as a Medic in a dispensary at Fort Hood, Texas. I was fortunate not to be sent to Vietnam.
A year and a half after being discharged from the Army, I married Dora on January 10, 1970 and we had a daughter, Bibi, who was born on December 22 of that year. Dora was diagnosed with brain cancer in March of 1973, and after five years and four surgeries she passed away on January, 17 1978, seven days after our eight wedding anniversary. Bibi is married to Phil Lyon (I did the wedding in 2006) and they live in San Francisco. They have a two-year and four months son (Dashiell Francis), and at the time of this write-up an almost two-week old daughter (Bianca Isadora) who was born on April 29.  I baptized Dashiell and will do the same for Bianca on June 23.
Also, after I left the Army I joined the Management Training Program of United California Bank (it became First Interstate Bank in 1981), and after completing the training was assigned to an officer credit position in the Transportation and Public Utilities Division until I moved to the International Division. In International I moved up pretty fast and eventually was promoted to Vice President, and soon after that to Senior Vice President and Manager. Over a period of sixteen years I managed at various times the Latin America, US and Canada International and the Asia Pacific and Middle East Divisions.  I traveled extensively throughout Latin America, Canada, the US and Asia Pacific. I only made one trip to the Middle East. I enjoyed meeting people of different cultures and seeing other countries. If I could be young again, I would live in Asia for five years.
As you can read under occupation I am a priest. I joined the Capuchin Franciscans and was ordained  in 1996. I have been a parish priest in Watts, the province’s vocation director and was elected Provincial by the other friars in 2002. As the provincial I was responsible for the overall Administration of the province and of all the friars in California, Oregon and Northern Mexico. I served two three- year terms. After completing my second term I was asked to become president of St. Francis High School in La Canada (near Pasadena). This is a most interesting job where I am responsible for the administration of one of the best College Preparatory Schools (over six hundred boys) in the Los Angeles area. Besides being the Head of the school and the CEO of the Corporation, what I enjoyed the most is to be a priest helping the kids, working with parents, visiting the sick, doing weddings, baptisms, funerals, hearing confessions and celebrating Mass. This is my fifth year at the school.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you again and hearing your stories. I believe it will be a most rewarding time and it will be fun. I want to thank Silvio and others for organizing the reunion. You are doing an outstanding job. Thanks also to Emilio and Mario for encouraging me to go and to take the time to write this short bio. See you all soon.
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Guillermo Martinez
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Attorney at Law Single 5 1966 2013-05-12 11:08:26
After graduating from Carroll College in 1966, I relocated in Chicago,Illinois to live with my parents who had immigrated from Cuba in March of that year. I joiined the U.S. Army Reserves where I served until  1972. I went to work with the Harris Bank in their international department as a foreign exchange trader. In 1970 I became a U.S. citizen and enrolled at Depaul  University from where I was conferred an MBA in Marketing in1972. In 1973 , I joined the Natiuonal Economic Develoment Association as their Seniort Vice-President. NEDA was a 21 office network assisting  hispanic minorities in the  u..S. and Puerto Ricoaw .In 1976, I relocated to Chicago, Illinois where I was admitted into law school at John Marshall Law School.I graduated in 1980. Doing my years attending law schoool I founded the firm Golden Key Realty (La  Llave de oro). in 1983, I was admitt3ed to the Illinois Bar and founded the law firm of Martinez & Betancourt where I still practice law. I have five children and four grandchildren.I am proud to be a Peter Pan and a member of the Brondel Hall Clan.
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Makoto (Hector) Matsumoto
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Retired Single 1964 2013-04-24 18:21:20
I left Helena, Montana at the beginning of the summer of 1965. I joined the Trinitarian Order in Pikesville, MD, and stayed with the order until the spring of 1966.  My family arrived in Miami in February, 1966, and  I joined them in San Francisco, CA in March of the same year.  I secured a job with United Airlines, worked nights and attended the University of San Francisco (USF) during day.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree from USF in 1968.  I did my master’s work at UC Berkley, in Berkley, CA.  I took a year off from school, and then I started my PhD work at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.  It took me 4 years to finish my PhD, and about 4 rewrites of my dissertation; but I made it.
During my tenure with United Airlines, I worked in several segments of the Airline Business. I worked for United Airlines from 1967 to 1984.
 I was hired by Intel Corp. in 1984 to help implement their first computerized- Microchip Manufacturing Tracking System.  In 1986 I joined the Intel team that implemented the first fully automated (robotics) Microchip manufacturing facility in Rio Rancho, NM.  I spent the next 11 years in the Manufacturing Technology Group implementing factories throughout the Intel system.  In 1997 I was assigned to manage the IT Worldwide Manufacturing team.  During my last 4 years with Intel, I managed the Intel IT Strategic Portfolio.  I retired in August 2006.
And now I spent most of my time traveling, attending conferences, and supporting non-profit organizations in the Phoenix area.
Our reunion in June will be the highlight of my past 48 years.  As the date draws near, the emotions augment by the minute.  I am trying to picture what it will be like to be able to embrace each one of you and share the memories of our days in Helena.   The memories will always be part of my life. Helena and all the friendship I cultivated there will always occupy a corner of my heart.
To Silvio, Jaye, Diane, Enrique, and those that have contributed time to this reunion….Gracias de todo Corazon.
To all my Cuban Brothers – Nos vemos en Helena, Montana en Junio de este ano! Un fuerte abrazo.
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Aldo J. Montoto
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Goverment/Administration Married 4 1965 2013-03-12 20:00:19
Looking foward  in returning  to Helena, Montana and to get together with my  Brondel Hall Family. " The old good days"
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Jim & JoAnn O'Neill
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Retired Married 3 1964 2013-04-05 22:41:15
Jim was 20 and JoAnn was 19 when we married on January 27, 1962 during our sophomore year at Carroll College.
Our son Jimmy arrived in July 1962.  Jim continued his schooling and JoAnn worked in the Carroll College business office.  In April of 1963 our daughter Connie was on the way.  Jim was going to quit school at the end of spring quarter and find a job in Butte (our home town) to support our family.
God brings us together . . . . .Then and Now
Father Anthony Brown—President of Carroll heard of our situation and asked us if we would be interested in being house parents to 42 Cuban boys ages 14-18.  Father Brown indicated that the former house parents left because of problems in the house with snakes (boa and anaconda),  furnace explosions and something about a buffalo and the anaconda—but he assured us that these issues had been corrected.
We accepted the offer and moved to Brondel Hall in June of 1963.  Our daughter Connie arrived in December 1963.  We were blessed at age 21 with a family of 44 wonderful children.  Hopefully we provided love, stability and support for you in spite of the tragedy of being torn from your parents and your country.  We are honored to be a part of your lives and are very proud of your strength and accomplishments.  It is important to note that being your house parents allowed Jim to graduate from Carroll in 1964 and helped us to where we are today.
After leaving Helena in 1964  Jim taught Spanish for two years at Billings Senior High. Our youngest daughter Debbie was born in 1965.  In 1966 off to Madison Wisconsin where Jim completed his master’s degree in Spanish.
1967—Present have been in Tacoma Washington where Jim taught Spanish and Career Education at Wilson High School for 38 years and retired in 2005.  JoAnn completed her schooling at the U of Washington in Seattle in 1979. Taught at the community college for 30 years,  worked for the City of Tacoma for 24 years and retired in 2009.
We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2012.
Our son Jimmy married his wife Sandy and they had a son Riley Patrick O’Neill (18).
Jimmy passed away nine years ago—the worst thing that has ever happened to us.
Our daughter Connie married but she is now single—no children.
Our daughter Debbie married Mike and they had 3 children.
John (23)—Casey Ann (22)—Catherine Rose (14).  Debbie’s husband Mike passed away 11 years ago.
Our family tragedies certainly shook us to the core but God helped us through day by day.
We are looking forward to the June reunion.  We were meant to be together Then and Now.
We are one Unique Family.  Love from Dad Jim and Mom JoAnn
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Jorge Perez
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Retired Divorced 2 1967 2013-03-12 13:43:13
I am looking forward to this trip to see old friends and see the changes in Helena after 47 years.
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Manuel Perez-Capon
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Ret. Police Married 2 2013-04-06 03:23:12
Made my comments already on the initial sign up.   See y'all soon ya heeeear !
Got to figure how I can upload a photo, as every time I upload a photo from my doc. or library file, other photos get added by themselves and as I am a member of AANR , )American Asociation for Nudist Recreation) I have had instances in which some of my photos at the resort have been sent along the one I picked, unk. why so in order not to send an unwanted pic on our birthday suits I rather not post any.  LOL
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Narciso (Nick) Perez-Caurel
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retired Married 2 1966 2013-05-18 08:48:06
Left HELENA in June 1966, to reunite with my parents, (so this reunion is exactly 47 years to the month !) Got drafted early '67, returned to Miami, and worked with Anaconda Aluminum later known as ARCO as a general shift supervisor; in '87 started with the US Postal Service until my retirement in Feb. 2013.  Married Rosie in 1973, have 2 sons and about 7 grandchildren (last count) Looking forward to this REUNION, it was about time!!!!!
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Tony Rambla
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2013-04-28 01:52:45
After arriving in the Big Apple my sister and I shared a small apartment in the Bronx. 
I had to begin from scratch, so I did odd jobs, from washing dishes to driving delivery 
trucks for a factory in Astoria, Queens, until my folks arrived. 
Soon after, dad and I both joined different Brokerage firms in the financial district,
only to have Uncle Sam call me up to serve. At end of that episode I resumed my
job and also moved to my own space in Elmhurst NY. As time went by I rose
up the management tree through successive Brokerage and Investment Banking 
engagements. In between I completed what I had left undone at Carroll and graduated
from Baruch College (City University of NY) in '81. By the mid 80's I switched from 
management into the then exploding technology arena and then to the consulting side of the IT field, traveling all over the landscape, specially long periods in the South,
South West and California. Currently I live in NJ close by NYC and work for the
"Peanuts Gang" Insurance enterprise as internal consultant, focused on Business
Intelligence reporting and Data Warehouse architecture/design. I'm not yet retired,
although Snoopy is gradually transferring all IT positions to North Carolina, and that
will probably force my decision in about a year or less. While recovering from heart
surgery a few years back I joined up with a group of friends, and formed a Scola and
Choir. We spend lots of fun time practicing Mass Propers and settings from the Liber
Usualis and learning lots of sacred polyphony, which we sing at area churches
(sometimes we actually get paid for this LOL). No matter, my other hobby is single
malt scotch, so that balances out my madness quite nicely 8--) ) I'll do my best to join
you in Helena. I am grateful that someone remembered and contacted me after these
many years. I am also happy to read all the postings and all of your personal stories.
Best wishes to all.
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Justo J. Rodriguez
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Teacher Married 1 2013-07-18 16:49:33
First of all congratulations for all the beautiful achievements!  I (because of my own fault or if it wasn’t so, may it have been “for the greater glory of God”) have had problems getting my “C-”.  Here’s a short summary of what has gone on as I think it’s happened; and thank God for His mercy that I’ve lived to tell my story. 
I must have left Helena in the summer of 1966 after my junior year in High School.  I came to Los Angeles by car with Marti, Jorge Perez, and Frank among the passengers.  I graduated in Los Angeles (note photo above “then”). 
In 1967 I was employed by Bank of America for 25 years.  Two of those years I was on military leave. 
I was stationed in Germany.  I was able to visit beautiful cities, churches, and museums.  I had a great time there.  I came back to the United States and got my Honorable Discharge.
In 1973, I returned to Bank of America.  Later I graduated from California State University (L.A.) with a teaching major in Spanish and many electives in Art.  I was also finally given a managerial position at the bank and worked in that capacity for ten years or more. 
In 1983, I was able to visit Cuba and see my parents and brother that I hadn’t seen for 21 years.  My parents continued living and died in Cuba.  My brother still lives in our house. 
In 1990, my mother came for a short visit to L.A. and met (in person) my beloved daughter Therese (Terrie) who was 19 years old. 
In 1996, I started teaching.  I’ve been teaching ESL/Spanish since then. I like teaching both of these subjects. 
p.s. I wrote this after the reunion which I really enjoyed.  I want to thank Victorero, Emilio, and my daughter Terrie for encouraging me to go; my house parents Jim and JoAnn for their support and for becoming house grandparents to my daughter, and the team that made the reunion happen – What a beautiful thing!  I also want to thank Our Lady, the Holy Mother of Jesus, for her powerful prayers.
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