The Organ in The Cathedral was recently refurbished, the following is a video on the history and work that was done.
The following video is full of sights you will remember many close to the home you lived in.  Some things downtown will be new to you.  Most of the video is today as it was when you walked these snowy streets.....
St. Helena School was taken down, a sad day for the generations of Helena Catholic Students who attended this beautiful old building.
Gates of the Mountains and Marina.  We will be spending a couple hours on the river as seen in the video and later at the Marina for lunch.
Lewis and Clark Caverns just down the road near Three Forks, visit if you have some time before or after the Reunion.
Marysville Montana, a Ghost Town just a few miles N/W of Helena.  Worth a visit if you have time and have lunch or dinner at the Marysville House.
Elkhorn, another  Ghost Town near Boulder Montana
A bit of Helena history from 1989
Published on Sep 3, 2012

In the early morning of Feb 2nd,1989, the temperature outside was a chilly -29 degrees farenhiet, Most of the town was not yet awake. The was a train waiting for new locomotives at the top of the pass. Due to the cold, air brakes failed on the train cars sitting at the top of Mullan pass, causing them to slide back down the pass and into Helena. the cars hit a parked train car at a what is now a cement plant next to the campus of Carroll College. the result was extensive damage to Carroll College and power outages around town. This video is the KFBB report from the day after the wreck. All Copyright for the video belongs to KFBB-TV