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Now, join us for the 2018 Reunion.
Rosie Montoto.

2013 Reunion Photos to Share

Several folks have already uploaded some of their photos taken at the 2013 reunion.  Don't hesitate to share yours. 
Folks:  Two pictures from the era.  On the left one: Cathy, Colleen, my sister Tita, me and Maureen w/ Pop (Spud) Murphy

The Old Days II

We ran out of room in the first "Old Days" album and had to create a second album.


The Old Days I (full-add to Old Days II)

St Joseph's Home 1892-1973

St Joseph's Home

Many of the Children that first came to Helena were housed at St Joseph.  the Girls that were here in Helena if not in Private Homes, were here at St Joseph. Please share your photos and help us find these children. St Joseph's Home has a Face Book Page for more photos and names of the Children.
The Marlow Theatre is gone now, this print is done by Helena's Robert Morgan.  some of us in the Class of 67'

History of Helena

The following photos are of things you will remember in Helena, The Cathedral as she was being built and many things as you remember them before they were torn down.  In the early 70's Helena had a group of "do-gooders" that decided to spruce up the Downtown area in a project called "Urban Renewal".  Sadly, many of Helena's most beautiful landmarks came down in that project. Your ride on the Tour Train will take yo to all the places you remember as seen now.....
The Daughters Of Aldo Montoto Left to right Lisanne, Rosie and Stephanie and Sofia, Rosie’s second daughter and my numb

Your Families Album

The wonderful idea to open this album came from Aldo Montoto when he sent photos of his daughters.  Please, everyone share photo's of your Children, Grandchildren, weddings, gatherings , any family bragging you would like to do can be done in photos on this Album. If your having trouble loading photos, send them to us and we will get them up for you. Feel free to share the last 50 years in photos....and enjoy!